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Clean environment

Orange Polska is not indifferent to the global challenges related to the natural environment and natural resources. As a provider of telecommunication services we can significantly contribute to reducing the negative impact of business on the environment, so we incorporate initiatives to raise environmental awareness and respect for the environment into our business activities.

We promote environmentally friendly solutions, such as e-documents or tele- and videoconferences. E-invoices have already been adopted by more than 4 million of our customers.

Intensive development means that hardware quickly becomes obsolete. As a result, our industry faces the problem of recycling of the equipment withdrawn from the market, which stimulates eco-efficiency. We have launched the www.orangerecykling.pl website, which enables customers to re-sell their old handsets easily. The service is available to all, not just our customers, and the repurchase offer covers about 2,000 different handset models. Orange Polska has also launched an educational programme for schools, ‘Eco-schools’, promoting environmentally friendly behaviours among children and youth.

Furthermore, the Company refurbish products which have not reached the end of their service life, putting them back on the market. Our portfolio includes refurbished handsets at discounted prices. Orange Polska is increasingly focused on minimising our environmental impact. Thus, a few years ago we launched the Green IT project, a comprehensive ‘green’ approach to the development and operation of our IT environment, particularly with respect to resource virtualisation, power consumption or printing methods.

We have been efficiently managing natural resources, monitoring the consumption of energy and other resources, especially water and paper, as well as carbon dioxide emissions.

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