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Orange Polska employs over 18,000 people throughout Poland. The Company attaches great importance to ensuring equal treatment, clear evaluation and promotion criteria, professional and personal development opportunities, as well as good and safe working conditions.

Orange Polska conducts regular employee surveys and engages in dialogue with trade unions.

We disseminate knowledge about values, ethics and social responsibility among our employees. Each employee has to know the Orange Polska Code of Ethics and attend training in ethics in business.

Ensuring equal access to positions in the company, regardless of gender or age, from the recruitment process to subsequent professional development is a major priority for Orange Polska. A major challenge for us is to promote the professional development of women and to increase their percentage in management. The company co-operates with the international community in this area, participating in a platform for knowledge and experience exchange funded by the European Commission. It is also a signatory of the Diversity Charter and became the main partner of the Charter in Poland. In addition, Orange Polska runs the ‘Yes to Health’ programme, offering additional assistance to our employees with disabilities.

Orange Polska caries out a number of training programmes aimed at developing competence and preparing people to meet the strategic challenges faced by the Company. We care about the safety, health and fair pensions of our employees. We provide preventive health care and promote their sporting activities. In difficult life situations we offer them help and support.

Orange Polska’s corporate volunteering programme is one the best and the biggest in Poland. Our volunteers get involved in charity initiatives all over Poland. The Orange Foundation encourages and prepares them to share their knowledge and competence with others, getting them involved in conducting computer and Internet literacy courses for senior citizens and school lessons on how to use the Internet safely or developing colourful play rooms for children in hospitals. We also support their own original ideas for helping local communities through a grant system.

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