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Ensuring the protection and safety of Internet and other electronic media users and promoting the conscious use of those media is one of the key social responsibilities of Orange Polska as a provider of comprehensive telecommunication solutions.

The day-to-day safety of our service users is ensured by a team of specialists, who respond to any threats and support Internet users. The team holds the prestigious CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) certificate.

Young people are among the most vulnerable to cyber dangers. Therefore, for the last ten years Orange Polska has collaborated with the Nobody’s Children Foundation (FDN), a leading Polish NGO that deals with child safety on the net. Owing to our support, parents and teachers can use a number of educational portals, including www.sieciaki.pl (‘Net Pets’), as well as e-learning courses and educational materials. Together with the Foundation, we have developed the ‘Safe Media’ guide for parents, which gives a comprehensive picture of the hazards faced by kids in the digital world and discusses how to prevent them and where to seek help. Furthermore, the Orange Foundation together with our corporate volunteers have been holding safe Internet classes for children.

There is also a website and a toll-free helpline for children faced with dangers on the net, helpline.org.pl / 800 100 100. In addition, since 2014 the Company been supporting a hotline for children, 116 111, operated by the Nobody’s Children Foundation.

Another example of Orange Polska’s social commitment is our technological and financial support for a toll-free missing child hotline, 116 000, run by the ITHACA Foundation – Centre for Missing People. The Company is also a member of an alliance of mobile operators against child sexual abuse.

In 2014, Orange Polska added the ‘Safe Starter Kit’ (pre-paid card) to its product portfolio. It is addressed to children aged 6 to 13, providing them with basic protection on the Internet by blocking adult content and calls / SMSs to special numbers as well as offering free contact with a parent on any network even if the balance is depleted.

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