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Mobile services

Operating under the ‘Orange’ brand, the Group serves 16 million mobile customers, offering a variety of both ‘post-paid’ and 'prepaid' services.

Our mobile 4G/LTE network now covers almost the entire population and serves more than 60% of our mobile data traffic.

Our post-paid offering is focused around the innovative concept of customer segmentation by type of usage (voice, text, web browsing), rather than by a standard segmentation by spending size. It allows us to make the best value proposal for the client, by adapting the offer’s content (handset, bundles of minutes, SMS, data package) to the needs of our customer. It represents our strategy of competing by differentiation and quality, as opposed to a pure price competition.

Orange’s prepaid offering has also followed the philosophy of our post-paid tariffs. Integrated under the brand name of “Orange na Karte”, it gives our customers the flexibility of allocating the recharge between voice minutes and SMS/data.



broadband and TV services

Orange Polska serves 2 million retail fixed broadband customers and above 0.7 million TV clients.

The main broadband service is offered under the ‘Neostrada’ name. It is offered in a variety of speed options, starting from 10Mb/s up to 80Mb/s and is often bundled with a television offering, both through satellite (DTH) of through the IP network (IPTV).


convergent offer Orange Love

Orange Love offer is a predefined set of fixed and mobile services bundled together and sold at an attractive fixed price. The basic package can be extended with extra fees for additional SIM cards, higher fibre broadband speed and additional TV content. Importantly, Orange Love is available on any broadband technology (fibre and copper) and also on LTE positioned  as home broadband.


fixed voice services

Orange Polska fixed-line network provides traditional voice services throughout Poland, to 3.9 million customers. Fixed voice offer includes local, domestic-long-distance, fixed-to-mobile and international calls, available both in PAYG or minute-packages in the subscription.


data solutions for business market

Orange Polska is the main provider of leased lines in Poland, both analogue and digital options, with a standardised transmission band. Key clients include other telecom operators, government ministries, financial institutions and ISP providers.

Orange Polska offers a broad service portfolio for small to medium companies as well as sophisticated solutions for large corporations.

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