Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility is an organizational culture that takes into account the expectations of employees, customers, investors, suppliers, business and social partners as well as the society and the natural environment in creating and implementing a business strategy.
Orange Group for the environment

In Orange, we are committed to sustainable development, integrating social and environmental concerns into our business operations. We want to have a positive impact on people, the society and the planet. As a responsible telecom operator, we promote positive social and environmental transformation that is made possible by digital technology.

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Orange Group’s Engage 2025 strategy

In the Orange Group, we are following our new strategic plan, Engage 2025. Its strength lies in reconciling business performance and a sustainable approach with the engagement of our stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, partners and communities in the transformation of our business. In the changing landscape, digital technology brings us great power, but also imposes great responsibility.

We believe that there should be no technological progress if it is not accessible to all and in tune with the natural environment. That is why we are making a lasting commitment to the planet and to digital equality, with solid proof points today and ambitious plans for the future.

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Give your phone a second life

It is child’s play to give your mobile phone a second life. Bring it to an Orange store to protect the environment.

Find out how to dispose of your old mobile phone in a responsible way and how you can change your habits for the planet.

Second life of your phone

Together for the planet

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