Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility means an organisational culture which takes account of the expectations of employees, customers, investors, suppliers, business and social partners, society in general and the environment in creating and implementing a business strategy.
Social and digital development

Objective: We make new technologies an ally to economic and social development.

New technologies are changing us and the communities where we live. It is important to enable everyone to take part in this important process. Therefore, we attempt to provide access to modern technologies also in economically underdeveloped areas.
We offer services accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities or elderly, and we show how to wisely and efficiently use the opportunities presented by the digital world.

Social background

Digitisation plays a major role in the social and economic development of Poland. For us, combating digital exclusion means eliminating social barriers that restrict access to knowledge, culture and education gained with modern technologies. Those at high risk of digital exclusion include low-income and less educated people, senior citizens, people with disabilities and residents of rural areas. Apart from economic barriers blocking access to the digital society, there are also major social issues, such as lack of competence and skills or negative attitude towards modern technologies.

Why is this issue important to us?

We want all our customers, regardless of their knowledge, skills, ability or residence, to be able to make the most of the opportunities offered by new technologies and services. We believe that by doing so we change the lives of people and communities to the better.

Available infrastructure

The available infrastructure is a key factor in building information society. Modern and fast lines can change the life of entire regions, enhancing the operation of companies and institutions, and supporting the economic and social development.

View Orange Polska’s coverage map

Fibre network

Orange Polska has the longest fibre network in Poland, providing ultra-fast home Internet to an increasing number of people, residing both in big and small cities. Owing to massive investments over the last five years, there are over 4 million households and companies in more than 140 cities within the reach of our fibre network. Find out more about the Operational Programme ’Digital Poland’ (POPC) at

Better connectivity thanks to co-operation

As a result of co-operation with Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa, the T-Mobile network operator, we have used each other’s radio access networks since 2011. We have set up a joint venture, NetWorkS!, which is Poland’s first and largest company responsible for the planning, construction and operation of shared radio networks.

Available products and services

We want all our customers, regardless of their knowledge, age or ability, to be able to use our products and services. We strive to make modern technology accessible to all, so it can support people’s active participation in everyday life and pursuit of their interests and life passions.

Orange without barriers

We selected more than 145 of our outlets and adapted them to the needs of customers with disabilities. We wanted to have such outlets in each district city where our POSs are located.

In our portfolio, we have identified services and access features which may be the most important for people with disabilities and senior citizens. In addition, we are consistently working on enhancing the accessibility of our website.

More information at Orange without barriers

Solutions dedicated to senior citizens

Residential customers over 65 years of age can faster and easier reach our infoline consultants and get effective assistance. In order to facilitate our call centre service for senior citizens we have simplified their contact path, so that they can talk directly to a consultant as quickly as possible. For our senior customers we have dedicated advisors, who not only make their best to solve the issue, but also hold the conversation in a friendly manner, so that elderly people do not feel overwhelmed or confused with incomprehensible technical terminology. The quality of our call centre service to senior citizens has been confirmed with the OK Senior certificate.

In addition, senior customers can receive all documents and invoices printed using a bigger font. We have also introduced special facilities and service standards in our dedicated outlets.

Digital education

Through its initiatives, the Orange Foundation is encouraging people to gain knowledge, participate in culture and integrate local communities with the skilful use of the Internet and technologies. A number of its programmes are based on the concept of gamification.


Access to the Internet or phone is just a beginning. In order to translate these services into the development of local communities, users need to know how to use such services in a creative way. This is why the digital education of children and development of their digital competence are so important to us.

Orange Foundation educational programmes:

Orange Studios



Find out more about the Orange Foundation at

bezpieczna siec
Safe network

Objective: Easy and risk-free use of technologies.

We want the use of the latest technologies to be easy and risk-free. The use of modern and increasingly interactive media has become a daily routine. The protection and safety on the Internet and in other electronic media as well as preparation to use them wisely are one of the key aspects of social responsibility of Orange Polska as a supplier of comprehensive telecommunication solutions. Children and young people are particularly important for us in the ‘Safe network’ area, as they grow up, learn and play with the use of modern communication tools. It is extremely important to ensure that they are safe while using such tools.

Social background

Ensuring online safety involves above all initiatives to provide and spread the safety principles in using modern forms of communication. With the development of new technologies and rapidly changing trends, still new threats and alarming patterns appear on the Internet, including cyberbullying, uncontrolled online buying and the Internet or social media addiction.

Why is this issue important to us?

Educating customers and ensuring their safety when using our services is a natural consequence of the development of the solutions we offer. We want to not only demonstrate the threats related to new media, but above all indicate how to avoid them.

Safe children on the net

One of the most important issues for us is the safety of children and young people on the Internet and preparing them to use new media in a conscious way. Therefore, we are educating children and young people as well as their parents and teachers in the safe use of the Internet and new technologies.

Children and young people

The Internet is used by both older and younger children. Therefore, the Orange Foundation with the Empowering Children Foundation have developed educational platforms fitting the needs of various age groups and offering different forms of education about online threats on several portals.


A website dedicated to pre-school children, who are beginning their adventure on the net, offering:

– Educational games introducing children to the issue of using the Internet safely.

A portal for primary school students, featuring:

– Ways of using the Internet safely and tips for young children;

– Presentation of online threats;

– Access to multimedia materials and topical competitions.

A portal and event showing young people how they can use new technologies in a safe and creative manner:

– Inspiration database for the creative use of new technologies.

Young surfers have also access to a catalogue of the best safe websites through a safe browser for children:

116 111 helpline

In order to better meet the children’s needs on the net, Orange Polska with the Empowering Children Foundation are operating the 116 111 toll-free helpline and website, where children and young people can get advice and assistance in difficult situations, such as network threats or cyberbullying.

Parents and guardians

In order to show parents how to use new technologies wisely and safely we have created the ‘Together On-line’ platform (, which includes advice on the rules of using the Internet by a family. We show how to prepare a child to use digital devices, we inform when to give it the first phone and how to secure the device, and we suggest inspirational websites. We have also given a lot of space to security and protection against threats areas, such as Internet abuse, access to inappropriate content, hate speech or cyberbullying.

The online course for parents, Safety Here and There, has been developed to help guardians in enhancing the safety of young surfers. The course participants learn how to avoid online threats and how to talk about them with their children, how to protect devices, and how to respond to alarming online situations. Owing to its multimedia form, including films and animated cartoons, gaining knowledge is easy and attractive. The course is free and designed for self-study.

All parents willing to ensure online safety are invited to play a special game with their children. The Orange Foundation has created a simple game teaching safe behaviour on the net. The game can be played by 2–4 players and is suitable for children over 7.

You can find the game at

For parents seeking information on how long their children should use online media, we have prepared the Children and Screens guide, which includes valuable tips on the time and duration of using a phone and a computer by children of different age.

You can find the Children and Screens guide at

In co-operation with the Empowering Children Foundation, we have developed an e-learning platform with free online safety lessons for parents. It provides content concerning various issues related to online threats and educating children in the safe use of the Internet.

Moreover, together with the Empowering Children Foundation, we provide the 800 100 100 toll-free helpline and website for adults, where guardians of children and young people can receive assistance in case of online threats.

You can find the educational materials at

Professional educators and teachers

For people working with children on a daily basis, we recommend dedicated teaching materials, which will facilitate talking to children about online safety issues and effectively teaching them the basic principles of using digital media. The Orange Foundation’s website contains lesson scenarios, brochures and courses related to the online safety of children and young people, broken down by different issues and threats faced by minors on the net.

Furthermore, professional educators whose students experience online threats are offered assistance through the 800 100 100 Helpline for Parents and Teachers. Orange Polska is providing this toll-free line and supporting the website.

IT security

The safety of our service users is monitored by a team of specialists, who respond to threats and support Internet users on a current basis. This team holds the prestigious CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) certificate, that confirms the highest quality of our IT security incident management. It is a member of FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams), a leading association of such teams from all over the world.

Orange Polska CERT experts co-operate with other telecom operators in the on-going struggle against cybersecurity threats and in the development of standards for such collaboration and information sharing.

Our CERT website offers safe computer set-up guidelines, online safety principles as well as descriptions of and links to security tools and software. Customers can use these tools to check the safety status of their computers as well as select and install a number of useful applications (anti-virus, anti-spam or firewall) or learn how to recover lost data or protect data against unauthorised access.

On our corporate blog you can find articles discussing various aspects of IT security. We co-operate with leading suppliers of security solutions from all over the world, often obtaining new products prior to their official launch.

Data security

We control a vast amount of customer and employee data. This is why data security is so important to us.

We also protect other personal data entrusted to us.

Personal data are one of the categories of confidential information which, together with data protected by the telecommunication secret and proprietary information, are covered by our Information Security Management System. This system complies with the ISO 27001 international standard, for which we hold certification.

At each stage of data collecting and processing, we ensure that customers are informed about the purpose and scope of data processing, as well as their right to access and rectify their personal data.

Find out more about personal data protection at

Safety products and services

For a telecom company, issues related to the proper protection of personal data of millions of customers, safety of services and reliable information about telecommunication devices are crucial for securing business growth and breaking barriers in access to the benefits of the digital world.

Therefore, we consider social responsibility in this area very broadly, not only as strict compliance with security standards, but also education of our customers on how to use modern technologies safely.

We ensure that all handsets are properly tested. Their safety of use is verified through tests of conformity with essential requirements.

We offer services that enhance the safety of use of digital media by children or adults:

A mobile app providing protection against unwanted content or applications.

Orange provides a range of services to increase the safety of its customers:

Safe Starter Pack

This is a product to ensure that your child can use the Internet on the phone safely and stay in touch with the parent even with no credit on its account.

Where Is Your Child

If you want to know whether your child is safe or where your car is, you can use simple and affordable geolocation solutions offered by Orange.

We also offer our customers the CyberShield service, which enhances protection against cyber attacks and malware, particularly phishing and ransomware. CyberShield identifies cybersecurity threats and blocks them before they reach your computer or smartphone.

Find out more about the CyberShield service at:

Clean environment

Objective: We want to implement our business goals with respect for ecology rules and in harmony with the environment.

In Orange, we believe that technological progress should be accessible for everyone and should be pursued in harmony with the environment. As a supplier of ICT services we strive to use environmentally friendly technologies and offer smart digital solutions to improve the management of limited natural resources.

Social background

Meeting the growing demand for new services while reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions remains a challenge for the telecom industry. Moreover, intensive development means that products quickly become obsolete, which brings the problem of recycling of the withdrawn equipment and provokes us to think about eco-efficiency.

Why is this issue important to us?

Owing to Orange Group’s presence in almost 30 countries, we can act both locally and globally to help mitigate climate change.

Climate and environment, in addition to society, are a major element of the Orange Group’s new business strategy, Engage 2025. Its strength lies in reconciling business performance and a sustainable approach with the engagement of our stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, partners and communities in the transformation of our business.

Smart solutions offered by digital technology can contribute to the improved management of limited natural resources, and we, as a socially responsible company and the telecom market leader, want to actively tackle on-going climate change, particularly by reducing our negative environmental impact.

Second life and recycling of devices

Buy-back of unwanted phones

In order to make it easier for customers to part with their unused or unwanted devices, as the first operator in Poland, we have introduced a programme of buy-back of older models of smartphones.

Our partner, Greenfone, can fix potential minor defects, so the phones can be relaunched. Such activities not only expand access to technology, but also reduce electronic waste.

Each used but working smartphone is valued by an Orange consultant on the spot, in our outlet. In return, the customer receives a voucher for the amount corresponding to the phone value. Customers can use their vouchers themselves, immediately or within 60 days, or give them to someone else.

In 2020, our phone buy-back offer was recognised by an expert panel in the Climate Leadership programme as a project involving concrete actions aimed to tangibly reduce the negative environmental impact of products and respond to the challenges related to the adaptation to climate change.

Recycling of used-up electronic devices

In each Orange store you can drop off your old smartphone, tablet or modem which is not working any more, free of charge, by putting it in a special container for used-up electronic devices and accessories. The collected equipment is handed over to a licensed company for recycling in compliance with legal requirements.

The process of collecting waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), including handsets, in Orange stores is carried out in line with the WEEE Act of 11 September 2015 and the Directive 2012/19/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on waste electrical and electronic equipment.

The waste resulting from our business activity, including used-up equipment, is collected from us by Ekopartner, a company licensed to manage and recycle it in compliance with the environmental standards.

We are included in the waste database (BDO register) kept by voivodship marshals.

Refurbishment of multimedia devices

Multimedia devices, such as modems or routers, are leased to customers for the term of their telecommunication service agreements. After they expire, returned devices are refurbished to the ‘as good as new’ condition. As a result, products that have not yet come to the end of their life cycles can be put back on the market.

All parts of products are recycled, including cardboard boxes in which they are returned. Owing to our in-house production line, we have better control of the quality of work and we can expand the process, while increasing its eco-efficiency. Up to half a million network modems (Liveboxes) are refurbished and provided for the re-use by our customers each year.

Reconditioned phones

Although we ensure a diverse portfolio of new handsets, we also offer ‘as good as new’ smartphones. These are the phones returned by our customers or exhibition devices. The phones refurbished by our partner look and work like new ones. They are available in our e-store at attractive prices, so they are quite popular among customers. They feature up-to-date software as well as a 12-month warranty.

Innovative products and services

The telecom industry has a positive impact on the environment by offering services that can replace paper communications or document flow. Using modern digital solutions companies can move traditional processes online and no longer need to worry about storage space for piles of paper invoices or contracts.


Over three fourth of all Orange Polska’s customers use e-invoices, and among our mobile customers this figure is already more than 93%. As a result, together we saved 963 tons of paper in 2019. For the nature, it means 18,000 trees or 33 hectares left intact in the forest.

Contract on a tablet

Since December 2018, our customers can sign service contracts on a tablet. Orange Polska has been the first telecom operator in Poland to introduce this paperless solution in its sales outlets. It simplifies the procedure and saves time. The solution is convenient for customers, as documents are first displayed on the tablet screen, then sent in the electronic form by email.

Smart solutions

Smart City technologies are to offer smooth, efficient and eco-friendly communications, while enabling the optimal use of the urban infrastructure and saving the resources used by residents (electricity, gas, heat). Orange Polska is the leader in the IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) areas in Poland. Smart City solutions provided by Orange Polska include smart bikes, street lighting, parking lots, benches, remote water consumption measurements, city monitoring systems and electric vehicle charging stations.

Reducing our environmental footprint

Reducing CO2 emissions

In Orange, we monitor the consumption of energy and other resources as well as carbon dioxide emissions related to our activities. Consumption of electricity and indirect energy sources: gas, coal and oil is the largest contributor to CO2 emissions.

We strive to use environmentally friendly technologies. We are implementing the Green ITN programme aimed to improve the energy efficiency of our networks and information systems, while reducing environmental pollution and natural resource consumption, as well as the Energy Optimisation programme aimed to implement various initiatives which consistently reduce our electricity consumption.

Switching to green energy

We will use more environmentally friendly energy sources for the purpose of our activities. From 2021, we will meet a proportion of our energy needs by buying it directly from renewable energy suppliers.

By the end of 2021, we will launch two wind farms near Poznań, which will supply green energy for the operation of our #1 network. Their aggregate capacity will be 50 GWh annually.

Managing waste efficiently

Our business activities generate industrial waste, such as electronic equipment, batteries and storage cells, cables, packaging, etc. The safe disposal of these items is closely controlled. We co-operate only with those waste disposal companies that take full responsibility for subsequent management of the received waste and are able to document the subsequent stages of waste treatment (collection, transport, recovery or neutralisation) between the waste producer and the waste neutraliser.

As a company introducing products on the market we have some statutory obligations, particularly to reach the required recovery and recycling limits and carry out public educational campaigns. We fulfil these obligations through co-operation with a recovery company from the Biosystem Group.

Mobile network and radio waves

Orange Polska’s mobile network uses only proven and worldwide-used wireless communication technologies which are safe for all users. Electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions around all our base transceiver stations (BTSs) and broadcasting stations are below the limits set in the Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC.

All mobile phones in Orange Polska’s portfolio meet the emission standards set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). We ensure that they are thoroughly tested and the safety of their use is verified in the process of examining their conformity with essential requirements.

All mobile devices in Orange Polska’s portfolio are safe for users and are accompanied by information on the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), which is always lower than official limits (below 2 W/kg). SAR for mobile phones refers to the maximum level of radio waves that the user can be exposed to during a call.

Radio waves and health

Radio waves are fundamental to the activity of Orange as a telecommunications network operator. Neither our network nor the phones we provide would work without them. To find out more about mobile telephony and learn guidelines on using mobile phones please visit:

Engaged team

Objective: We want to build culture of co-operation in which all employees feel respected, and can freely pursue their professional goals and life passions.

Employees are the key to the success of any company, and Orange Polska employs over 11,000 people all over Poland. For us, social responsibility begins inside the company and is based on employee relations. We attach great importance to ensure equal treatment for all employees, along with clear evaluation and promotion criteria, comprehensive development opportunities and free pursuit of interests and passions. We value ethics in business.

Social background

Orange Polska is the biggest employer among Polish telecom operators. Our corporate standards and rules extend beyond our own organisation. They influence our relations with external business and social partners as well as the telecom market as a whole.

Why is this issue important to us?

Providing high standards and attractive terms of employment are a challenge for any company. We want all our employees, regardless of their age, views, ethnicity, disability or family situation, to feel at ease, be respected and be able to pursue their professional goals and life passions.


Friendly working environment

In Orange Polska, we build the foundations that help create a friendly workplace. We take care of employees’ safety, health and decent retirement. We provide preventive healthcare, promote sports activity among employees and offer help and support in difficult life situations. We value ethics in business. The results of regular employee surveys confirm high workplace assessment.

Digital workplace

As a modern company we strive to use new technologies also through dedicated internal programmes. We enable our employees to perform remote work or telework.

We generally operate in the digital environment. Attendance confirmation, invoice settlements, leave scheduling, as well as a number of other administrative matters (parking place reservation or courier service requests) and security matters (issue of passes) are effected without paper documents.

A separate group of functionalities includes communication and social applications. For example, our Lync communicator enables tele- or video-conferences. We also have our own social platform, Orange Plazza, which is shared by the whole Orange Group.

Additional benefits

Our employees are offered an attractive social portfolio and a broad range of additional benefits.

They receive full medical coverage. They are also eligible for special sanatorium leaves. Our employees with disabilities are provided with an additional medical package and financial package for health purposes.

Current and retired employees and their families can use the Company Social Benefits Fund and the Central Housing/Entertainment/Welfare Funds.

Our employees are also eligible for financing of sports, tourist and cultural events from the Central Sports, Tourism and Culture Fund, and can use FitProfit cards.

Orange Polska’s employees are eligible for participation in the Employee Retirement Plan. It is the biggest employee retirement fund in Poland in terms of both the total assets and the number of participants.

Employee education and development

We have a number of training programmes, which aim to develop competence and prepare employees to face strategic challenges.

Our employees increase their qualifications and language skills, and are eligible for financing of graduate or postgraduate studies, including MBA.

Training portfolio

As a technology company, we offer our employees development opportunities fitting the challenges of the modern world both in terms of content and form.

Our employees can develop their competences through the Orange Learning platform, following development paths based on the ‘Know–Practice–Deepen’ framework. The platform offers various forms of development, from short knowledge pills and videos (Know) as well as e-learning courses and business simulations (Practice) to classroom training, educational communities and mentoring (Deepen). Employees can decide themselves which competence to develop and at what pace, and which development methods will be most effective for them. These resources are complemented by the international Orange Campus programme offered to all managers in the Orange Group.

In addition, we support the emergence of employee expert communities within the organisation. In the Knowledge Highway programme, selected internal experts deliver training courses, sharing their expertise in the particular area with other employees.

For students

Orange Polska is supporting the development of young people as its future employees. Our Company is perceived as a good employer among the young generation.

‘Let’s Orange’ is the main programme addressed to the academic community. It is a programme for ambitious students willing to become part of Orange and complete innovative traineeship during their studies.

In the programme, we offer additional workshops that we organise specifically for our trainees, mentor’s assistance and participation in a volunteering activity.

Students who complete their traineeship can join our Ambassador Programme.

More about our programme for students at

Diversity management

We attach great importance to ensure equal treatment for all employees, along with clear evaluation and promotion criteria, professional development opportunities, and good and safe working conditions.

We value employee diversity which contributes to workplace innovation and efficiency. It is essential for us to build organisational culture based on mutual respect for the individual differences between us.

Orange Polska has adopted the Diversity Management Policy, which aims to bolster the pursuit of our business objectives, address changes in the labour market and respond to the expectations of our employees. The policy also supports compliance with the values enshrined in the Code of Ethics and CSR objectives.

The key diversity dimensions in the Group are as follows: gender, age, competence / expertise / experience / mindset, psychophysical skills – (dis)abilities, and parental status. Other diagnosed dimensions include religion / beliefs, workplace location (HQ vs. region), type of employment, and nationality / ethnicity.

As the Orange Group, we are also a signatory to a global agreement advancing diversity and gender equality.

Furthermore, a grassroots initiative, Razem.One (Together.One), has emerged within the Company to further support women’s development, increase their access to various positions and help them reconcile their family and professional roles.

Employment policy

In the diversity management area, we attach particular importance to equal access to positions regardless of gender, age or disability. In our recruitment procedure, we have added the obligation to recommend candidates of both sexes for any positions.

It remains a major challenge for us to promote women’s professional activity and development, and to increase the number of managerial and IT positions held by female employees.

Yes to Health

Our Yes to Health programme, which is addressed to people with disabilities, has contributed to the spirit of co-operation and respect towards each employee. We assist our disabled employees in obtaining a disability certificate and in daily functioning at the workplace. In the programme, employees with confirmed disabilities are eligible for an additional medical package and financial support.

Other major components of the Yes to Health programme involve educating managers on the legal and organisational aspects related to employment of people with disabilities as well as raising awareness of good co-operation and communication with such people among all employees.

Diversity Charter

Orange Polska is not only a signatory to but also a guardian of the Diversity Charter in Poland, which confirms our commitment to diversity. The Polish version of the Charter was developed by workgroups comprised of representatives of businesses, government administration and non-governmental organisations. A major element of this process was consultation with organisations representing interests of different social groups, such as people with disabilities, senior citizens, parents or sexual and religious minorities.

Corporate volunteering

Our volunteering programme allows socially engaged people to share their knowledge and positive energy with others. There are many such people among us. In Orange Polska, nearly 3,500 pro bono volunteers are involved in a range of education and assistance projects each year.

Orange Polska’s corporate volunteering programme enables our employees to address their plans and needs, make use of their talents and interests, and get satisfaction from helping others in a selfless way. We invite our volunteers to get involved into projects carried out by the Orange Foundation.

Orange employees are also welcome to apply for grants for their own volunteering projects in the local communities whose needs they know best. Corporate volunteers are also involved in other events or activities of Orange Polska, e.g. Orange Warsaw Festival.

More about volunteering programme

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