Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility means an organisational culture which takes account of the expectations of employees, customers, investors, suppliers, business and social partners, society in general and the environment in creating and implementing a business strategy.
Social impact

The development of the Internet and new technologies over the last decades has changed the way we seek information, manage and spend money or communicate with our friends and relatives. Orange Polska has been contributing to this transformation. We are facing both the opportunities and challenges posed by the digital revolution. Each company is leaving its own social and economic footprint, and should feel responsible for it.

Orange Polska is one of Poland’s biggest companies.

For years it is providing employment to tens of thousands of people, whose salaries are feeding the economy, selling and buying services and goods worth billions of zlotys, and paying billions in taxes. The modern communication technologies provided by the Company have thoroughly changed, and are still changing, the everyday life of people and the mode of operation of businesses. Thus, Orange Polska’s impact is not limited to selling services to its customers.

Some of these effects we can experience ourselves when buying or selling online, contacting our relatives and friends anywhere in the world, or listening to the music from a cloud service. These are new opportunities and facilities, which only recently seemed like pure sci-fi.

Poland’s GDP growth in 2014–2019 owing to Orange Polska’s broadband.
PLN 39.9 bn
Orange Polska’s expenditure in 2005–2019 on tangible and intangible fixed assets, e.g. mobile phone masts, fibre lines or telecommunication equipment.
PLN 9.2 bn
Poland’s total tax revenues from CIT, VAT and other indirect taxes related to Orange Polska’s operations from 2005
PLN 131 bn
Additional demand for goods and services of Polish companies owing to Orange Polska’s expenditure in 2005–2019.
PLN 213 mn
Total amount of social insurance contributions paid to the Polish Social Insurance Institution in 2019.
Orange Polska has been introducing innovative telecommunication solutions in Poland for years.

Orange Polska is offering fixed and mobile broadband, HDTV, and innovative services, such as ‘TV Here And There’, available on mobile devices. It is implementing the latest technologies and standards, which increase service capacity and quality. The Company is also supporting innovations across the entire Polish economy and society. Orange Polska is not focused exclusively on its own research, but is sharing its knowledge and building communities and networks which connect companies, universities, public institutions and NGOs. As a result, it leaves its social footprint not only by the direct impact of its innovations on the life of people and communities, but also by the know-how transfer to its partners, enabling them to introduce their own innovative projects and solutions onto the market.

PLN 53 mn
Orange Polska’s R&D expenditure in 2019. From 2003, it totals PLN 863 mn.
Countries with Orange Labs, i.e. Orange R&D Centres.
Project proposals from start-ups reviewed annually in the Orange Fab programme.
Countries, in addition to Poland, with the Orange Fab accelerator programme for start-ups.
Start-up projects reviewed and tested in six editions of Orange Fab. Some of them have already been commercially implemented.
We are living through a digital revolution, which makes a powerful imprint on our reality.

The availability of new communication technologies determines whether we are willing and able to move elsewhere; whether our company is able to compete with others; what our access to culture, education and entertainment is like; how easy we can work together; and, consequently, what our chances for a successful life are. Here, ‘our’ means not only ‘my’ or ‘your’, but also ‘our common’, that is the chances of the community where we live. Nowadays, ‘peripheral’ does not only refer to physical distance, but also distance in communications, while exclusion may be not only social, but also digital. Orange Polska is greatly contributing to this transformation, influencing the fate of local communities.

6 086
children attended Internet safety lessons offered by Orange volunteers all over Poland.
4 000
children attended #therearemoreofus classes preventing online hate speech, and energy saving classes.
1 114 868
children involved in the initiatives for online safety.
PLN 750 000
in the equipment provided in 2019 to 300 schools to enable lessons in new technologies.
3 977
educational institutions involved in the social programmes supported by Orange Polska.
Communication plays a major role in our lives.

Interactions between people and information exchange are a foundation that binds any communities and enables their development. Therefore, new telecommunication technologies profoundly transform our abilities and, consequently, our behaviours, habits and choices. Orange Polska serves over 23 million customers, so it is one of the leading players in this digital revolution.

Polish households were within the reach of our fibre network in 2019. This represents almost 30% of all households in Poland.
Orange outlets are fully accessible to the disabled.
cities and towns within the reach of our fibre network.
2.5 mn
times customers were protected by CyberShield in 2019.
of Poland’s population covered by our 4G network.
Orange Polska is aware of the opportunities and threats related to the environmental impact of information technologies.

The Company is implementing policies and standards to monitor its environmental impact, carrying out programmes to increase energy efficiency of services and reduce the related harmful gas emissions, pursuing more effective waste management, reducing its impact on the landscape, and monitoring and testing the impact of telecommunication services on health.

nearly 100%
of generated waste is recycled.
411 000
of routers, modems and set top-boxes refurbished and relaunched on the market in 2019.
energy-saving initiatives launched between 2014 and 2019. They generated total energy savings of 585 GWh.
PLN 10 mn
invested by Orange Polska in reducing its energy consumption.
decrease in electricity consumption between 2014 and 2019, despite investments in new technologies and development of new services.
Orange Polska is one of the biggest employers in Poland.

Only less than 56% of our workforce live in Poland’s top five cities, while others work in smaller cities and towns. The Group employs permanent employees in 160 locations, including 34 rural or semi-rural districts. This has a tremendous effect on local labour markets and local economies. Orange Polska’s employees are offered not only a chance to join a global telecom organisation, but also locally competitive remuneration, professional career opportunities and high work standards.

over 12 000
employees of Orange Polska.
50 000
jobs in the supply chain owing to Orange Polska’s spending on goods and services of Polish companies.
3 500
volunteers in Orange Polska.
PLN 1.5 bn
in salaries and benefits paid by Orange Polska to its employees in 2019.
hours of training per Orange Polska’s employee annually.
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