Historical Agreement between TP and Netia – Orange Polska

23 December 2009

Netia and TP concluded an agreement that ends the existing disputes and begins a new chapter in the relations between the two operators.

On 23 December 2009, Maciej Witucki and Miroslaw Godlewski, CEOs of Telekomunikacja Polska and Netia respectively, in the presence of Anna Strezynska, President of the Office for Electronic Communications (UKE), officially signed an agreement regulating the relations between Poland’s two largest providers of fixed line voice and Internet access services.

Maciej Witucki, TP President and Chief Executive Officer said, “We begin a new chapter in the history of the Polish telecommunications market. Owing to the determination and good will of both parties, we have managed to reach an agreement that truly implements the rules agreed upon with the President of UKE. It will protect competition and assure financial predictability required to invest, enabling market development. An important element was the President of UKE’s determination to reach an agreement and her role as an arbiter solving the disputes between the operators.”

Miroslaw Godlewski, Netia President and Chief Executive Officer said, “The today’s event would not have taken place if not for the great determination of President Anna Strezynska. The agreement that we have concluded is in every respect beneficial not only to our companies, but above all to customers, who will receive better customer service. I am deeply convinced that normal co-operation between rival companies, especially having so much in common, like TP and Netia, is possible.”

The agreement between Netia and TP stems from a memorandum of understanding signed between UKE and TP on 22 October 2009.

Pursuant to the agreement, telecommunication access rates (i.e. interconnect, WLR, BSA, LLU and cable duct access rates) in relations between TP and alternative operators will be frozen till 2012 at the level of 10 October 2009. BSA rate changes, if any, will depend on a margin squeeze test applied to the TP retail offer by the President of UKE.

In addition, Netia and TP will promptly withdraw any claims and discontinue any legal cases between them.

The agreement will also result in the implementation of a number of improvements and controls on an operational level that will significantly enhance the speed and quality of customer service for customers using Netia’s services provided via TP’s network.

TP’s agreements with other operators are to be signed soon.


Mariusz Loch,
TP Group Press Officer
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Karol Wieczorek,
Netia Corporate Communications Manager
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